Usually Not This Sad

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It is 1:30 a.m. and I am alone and smiling:
my empty house is full of thirsty phlegmy silence that I quell
by drunkenly adding photogenic strangers
on Facebook-
“social networking.”
Amanda Moran of Brisbane, Australia- Add as Friend.

A youtube video:
golden eagles clutch goat spines and drop them off cliff faces.
the goats, silent and in free-fall, maybe thinking: “what.”
the eagles, possibly smirking,
pierce the broken goats’ stomachs like rotten plum flesh,
the cliff faces frown with brow-sweat of mammal blood.

Now I’m on the ice-slick porch
I tell myself I’m not a smoker
but jesus christ, who am I kidding
I just bought cigarettes with scholarship money,
and by the way,
Amanda Moran of Brisbane, Australia rejected my friend request.